Guidelines for making videos for 100+

We are delighted that you would like to be a part of this project by contributing your own video(s).  All you need is someone to film and a camera – an tablet or phone will do.  Here are some guidelines on the dos and don’t for filming your video(s):


  • 1 minute video of a Warwick student(s)
  • A positive and honest insight on an issue/topic which is relevant to students
  • Emphasise that the content is a personal point of view
  • Ensure a signed consent/release forms is completed by all students who feature in the video
  • Make sure there is no background noise so that any spoken audio is clear. Try to find a quiet spot; indoors is best.
  • Make sure there a is good light level which does not cast a shadow on the speakers face

Do nots

  • The content must not be derogatory about the institution, an individual, a group, or a department
  • There must be no swearing on rude language
  • There must be no comments/opinions that could be seen as racist, homophobic or cause offence
  • Videos must not exaggerate what the University provides in terms of services and experiences
  • Don’t use any music unless you obtain permission or a licence which you must provide evidence of.

You could use one of these themes as the focus point for your video or choose your own:

  • Why is it worth getting work experience at uni? (how has it helped you develop skills, ideas, confidence, insight into work-place culture, commercial awareness, extra money etc.)
  • What extra-curricular activities do you do and what difference has it made to you? (sports, societies, volunteering, projects, programmes & schemes, specialist workshops and courses etc.)
  • What has been most challenging for you at uni and what advice would you give other students in the same situation? (this could be anything from first year experience, sorting out accommodation, revising for exams, friendships, trying new things, adapting to a different culture(s), finances, wellbeing, study etc.)
  • How easy was it to adapt to university life/study? What have learnt about yourself? And what advice would you give to new students?

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